Instagram captions for girls


Instagram captions for girls

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Coolest Instagram captions for girls

From makeup, fashion, boyfriends to grabbing pictures with BFFs, girls love to share every moment of their lives on Instagram.

When it comes to getting thousands of likes and comments for your Instagram posts, captions have an important role to play. A good picture with a cool caption that tells the untold story behind the image is always appreciated by any visitor.

So what are you waiting for girls? Scroll down and take a look at some of the best Instagram captions for girls that can make Instagram posts more engaging.

Instagram Captions for Makeup

Having a great makeup day and wondering for the best caption that can make your makeup selfie more exciting? Here are some of the best makeup captions for girls.


  1. Blending is the best cardio of the day.
  2. Give the boys a reason to stare.
  3. Wake up to Make up.
  4. Putting on makeup gives me the extra pop.
  5. I don’t need any magic wand to transform…I have got my MAC.
  6. Lipsticks open the doors to a magical day and beautiful smile.
  7. Looking good is my way of getting high.
  8. Having too many red lipsticks is a real bliss.
  9. My mascara is too costly to cry for you.
  10. My love for lipsticks is eternal.
  11. Glitter on my eyes makes the day brighter.
  12. I smoke only with my eyes.
  13. Makeup is my passion, my life.
  14. Money can’t buy happiness but you can buy makeup with it.
  15. I am too gorgeous to give a damn.
  16. I don’t need foundation when I have the perfect blush.
  17. In love with the confidence that comes with a winged eyeliner and red lipstick.
  18. I can share my boyfriend but not my MAC lipstick.
  19. Shine every single day.

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 Instagram  Captions for Fashion and Styling

Here are some cool Instagram captions to complement all your fashion photos.

  1. Dress to impress.
  2. The world is a runway and I am a supermodel.
  3. Put on high heels and chase your dreams.
  4. I don’t get ready for boys. I deck up to stare at my reflection on the mirror.
  5. Cute girls can never be overdressed.
  6. Style is all about expressing your personality and individuality.
  7. Dressing well and looking good is girls’ right.
  8. Get up, dress up and conquer the world.
  9. Let your dress speaks for itself.
  10. Keep it simple, elegant but significant.
  11. If loving fashion is an offence, I am guilty.
  12. I feel like a chameleon when it comes the way I dress.
  13. All I need to look gorgeous in my LBD, my high-heels and some red lipsticks.
  14. Keep your heels and standards high.
  15. Don’t believe me when I say I will be ready in 2 minutes.
  16. Wake up, Dress up and Repeat!
  17. Beautiful girls swear on PINK.
  18. Sweet and sassy.

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Instagram Captions for Shopping

Scroll down and enjoy some of the coolest shopping captions to make your recent shopping posts Insta-worthy.

  1. The shortest sad story that breaks my heart: SOLD OUT.
  2. Pretty girls don’t cry to get over breakups…they go shopping.
  3. Shopping is the only cardio I love.
  4. It’s a girl thing!!
  5. Shop till you drop.
  6. Shopping is the most relaxing therapy.
  7. If you believe money doesn’t bring you happiness, then you don’t know where to go shopping.
  8. Who needs boys when there is a thing called SHOPPING.
  9. Every day is ‘add to cart’ kind of day for me.
  10. I wish if shopping was free.
  11. It’s not really easy to be a shopaholic.
  12. I desperately need new outfits every morning.
  13. Shopping is an art and I have mastered this skill.
  14. Want to know me better? Let’s go shopping.
  15. Shopping Junkie.
  16. Money can’t buy happiness but shopping does.
  17. When feeling depressed, either eat chocolate or go shopping.

Fitness Instagram Captions for Girls

Looking for a caption to share your fitness progress with friends on Instagram? Scroll down to enjoy some of the motivating fitness-fuelled captions to complete your Instagram post.

  1. My heart says ice cream and chocolate, but my jeans shouts ‘Girl, eat salad’.
  2. Push your limits and imagine yourself three months from now.
  3. That’s is not sweat…it’s my fat crying for mercy.
  4. Burn your fat in hell.
  5. I am my motivation.
  6. Sore today, slender tomorrow.
  7. Beautiful girls lift weight too.
  8. Eta clean, Exercise and Repeat.
  9. Have high standards and low squats.
  10. Being cute doesn’t mean that you can’t be strong.
  11. Set goals, crush them and clap for yourself girls.
  12. Sweat is beautiful.
  13. Six months from now, you will thank yourself
  14. Go and get it!!!
  15. Sweat it out for the after selfie.
  16. Sweat + pain= Hottt!
  17. Feel like dying? Do 10 more squats.
  18. Will it be worth it? Absolutely Girl.
  19. Hustle hard girl to get the muscle.

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Instagram Caption for Bff

Since no post is complete without the wonderful best friend Instagram caption, have a look at some of the cutest Bff captions to celebrate your friendship.


  1. From our first crush to the first glass of wine, we made it together girl.
  2. To me, you mean the world.
  3. Together we can create a rainbow.
  4. The only person I let see me crying.
  5. We are a single soul living in two bodies.
  6. In you, I find my second self.
  7. My partner in CRIME.
  8. For us words are optional.
  9. We are sisters by heart.
  10. We are the real queens.

Boosting the likes and views for your Insta-posts, captions help you to attract more followers. Use any of these listed captions or come up with your own creation to make your Instagram profile popular in no time.

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