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Attitude Quotes

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200+ Killer Attitude Quotes For Boys and Girls

Smart people are always a step ahead of adapting to a positive attitude.

There is no denying the fact how important strong and right attitude is to create a strong personality.

Irrespective of people degrading you or pulling you down, it’s your responsibility to keep your personality enhanced and sharpened.

So, if you wish to tell them what your attitude really looks like, you can go through these attitude quotes for boys and girls that you can post as captions and garner more Instagram views as well as Facebook likes.

So, if you are ready to dive deeper, here is a specifically created list. Navigate through it and find the best one that would match your personality perfectly fine.

100+ Best Attitude Quotes for Girls

  1. You have to be ‘ODD’ to be number ‘ONE’.
  2. Aside from gravity, nothing in life can keep me down.
  3. I am just a vibe you can’t find nowhere else.
  4. Guess what? Dragons are imaginations, or else I would burn each one of you.
  5. For someone who claims to hate my guts, you sure think and talk about me a lot. How about you get a life and stop worrying about mine?
  6. I hear them talking behind my back, at least there is a reason why they are behind me.
  7. I will either find a way or make one.
  8. Trust no Man. Fear no bitch.
  9. Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other.
  10. I am your worst nightmare.
  11. I am the girl you always wanted.
  12. This queen does not need a king.
  13. I don’t follow others; I only follow my orders because I am my own boss.
  14. Does my sparkle burn your eyes?
  15. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.
  16. In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel.
  17. Better to be strong than pretty and useless.
  18. You will search for me in another person. I promise. And you will never find me.
  19. If I was a bird, I know who I would shit on.
  20. Let me adjust my crown and get my day started.
  21. Be as picky with men as you are with selfies.
  22. Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.
  23. If you like me then raise your hands, if not then raise your standards.
  24. If you cannot attract them with your charm just repel them with your attitude.
  25. Always wear your invisible crown.
  26. You were born to fit in. I was born to stand out.
  27. It is okay to be a glow stick. Sometimes we need to break before we shine.
  28. My attitude forecast for today: Partly crabby with an 80% chance of moodiness.
  29. When a storm comes through, have enough sense to stop and play in the mud.
  30. If you are going to speak bad things about me on my back, come to me. I will tell you more.
  31. I don’t want to be in a relationship, I would rather be in a Range Rover.
  32. Treat me the way you expect to be treated.
  33. Your attitude may hurt me, but mine can even kill you.
  34. When people try to rain on your parade, poke them in the eye with your umbrella.
  35. If you stumble, make it part of the dance.
  36. People laugh at me because I am different and I laugh because they all are same.
  37. I meant to burn down the Earth and Graffiti the sky!
  38. I am too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.
  39. When someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. It is that simple.
  40. I am not anti-social. I am just anti-bullshit.
  41. Don’t like me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you.
  42. My attitude is like a mirror, only reflects what is presented in front of me.
  43. You want to be at my level? Climb bitch!
  44. Sometimes a Queen has to remind fools why she is a Queen.
  45. When people ask what I do, I say whatever it takes.
  46. In a room full of art, you would still stare at me.
  47. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.
  48. No one can be just like me anyway.
  49. Armed with coffee, contour and confidence.
  50. I am no beauty queen; I am just beautiful me.
  51. What she tackles she conquers.
  52. Grace always conquers!
  53. I run on coffee, sarcasm, and lipstick.
  54. As if I am on fire from within, the moon lives in the lining of my skin.
  55. Life led me down a path, I didn’t foresee, yet I winded upright, where I was meant to be.
  56. Sugar and spice, and everything nice!
  57. Girly and flirty to edgy and chic.
  58. Girl with big hair and full of secrets.
  59. Grow up, glow up, blow up.
  60. Be fearlessly authentic.
  61. Beautiful individual that creates hell.
  62. She is like that story in a book that makes your eyes to dream.
  63. Who is that sexy thing I see out there? That is me, standing in the mirror!
  64. She is obsessed with the world she imagines.
  65. I am too lil butter on too much bread. I am too many thoughts in too lil head.
  66. Once a while someone amazing comes along! And here I am.
  67. You are on a different road, I am in a milky way, you want me down on earth, but I up in space.
  68. She be little but she is fierce.
  69. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.
  70. She believed. She could, so she did.
  71. It is okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste. If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote.attitude-quotes-for-girls
  72. You are always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.
  73. I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least I am not the girl that everyone has had.
  74. She loves herself before she loves anyone else.
  75. I am not a backup plan, and definitely not a second choice!
  76. Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.
  77. I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.
  78. Someone else’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.
  79. I am not mean; I am brutally honest. It is not my fault truth hurts. Here is a Band-Aid.
  80. What is a queen without her king? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.
  81. No matter what a woman looks like, if she is confident, she is sexy.
  82. Dress to impress and never let them see your frown. Cause there are people who would kill to see you down.
  83. I keep ego and attitude always in my pockets so that I can use it when my self-respect and sentiments are being tested by people.
  84. Treat me like a joke and I will leave you like it is funny.
  85. Chase your dreams. In high heels of course.
  86. It is not your job to like me. It is mine.
  87. I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.
  88. Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.
  89. A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it is in hot water.
  90. We girls, we are tough, darling. Soft on the outside but, deep down, we are tough.
  91. A wise girl knows her limits; a smart girl knows that she has none.
  92. No girl should ever forget that she does not need anyone who does not need her.
  93. She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that is important.
  94. A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.
  95. I never insult people I only tell them what they are.
  96. Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.
  97. Not always available but try your luck.
  98. Thank you to every person who has ever told me I can’t. You are just another reason I will.
  99. When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails.
  100. I am a part of all that I have met.
  101. Ah, pay no heed if your enemies laugh. They will not be able to, once you chop off their heads.
  102. Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were hold captive in.
  103. I don’t care what you think of me; unless you think I am awesome, in which case you are right. Carry on!
  104. I don’t run after those who try to avoid me.
  105. Whatever life gives me, even if it hurts, I just be strong and act like I am okay. Strong walls shake but never collapse.
  106. I let my haters be my motivators.

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100+ Best Attitude Quotes for Boys

  1. My attitude is based on the way you treat me.
  2. A Can-do attitude is all one needs. It acts like a bridge between success and failure.
  3. Love me or hate me, I am still going to shine.
  4. I keep my face towards the sunshine so I can never see the shadow.
  5. Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way.
  6. No, I am not bitter. I am not hateful. And, I am not forgiving. I just don’t like you.
  7. We are what we pretend to be. So, we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
  8. I am a hot dude with a cool attitude.
  9. It is not my attitude; it is my style.
  10. People with status don’t need status.
  11. Boys are great, every girl should have one.
  12. Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude.
  13. Don’t judge my past, look at my present, I am sure my future is really rocking.
  14. I will win not immediately, but definitely.
  15. It is my life, so keep your nose out of it.
  16. Be silent and let your success shout.
  17. Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye.
  18. The best thing about being me, I am a limited edition and there are no other copies.
  19. Dream big and dare to fail.
  20. If you obey all the rules, you all miss all the fun.
  21. I am not changed; it is just I grew up and you should try too.
  22. When I am good I am best, when I am bad, I am worst.
  23. My silence is my attitude.
  24. I am not heartless, I just learned how to use my heart less.
  25. Never underestimate me because I am more than you think.
  26. I am having technical difficulties with my attitude today. I apologize for my inconvenience this may cause you. Avoidance is suggested for safety.
  27. Ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies.
  28. I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow does not look good either.
  29. Sending my Selfie to NASA, because I am a star.
  30. If you like me then raise your hands. If not, then raise your standard.
  31. I don’t like to follow. I like being followed.
  32. If “plan A” didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool.
  33. best-attitude-quotes
  34. Yes, I am smiling. But you are not the reason anymore.
  35. I define my own life. I don’t let people write my script.
  36. Attitude is like a price tag; it shows how valuable you are.
  37. While you are chasing Pokémon, I am chasing my dreams.
  38. I will not quit until I am living the life I once dreamt of.
  39. Man of the year.
  40. Only my name is enough.
  41. Girls do what they want, Boys do what they can.
  42. You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.
  43. Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that will be me.
  44. I am not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy, I am definitely an individual.
  45. Don’t stop until you are proud.
  46. I am nobody, nobody is perfect, and therefore I am perfect.
  47. When you are good, you are good, when you are awesome you are me.
  48. I celebrate myself, and sing myself.
  49. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it.
  50. You could not handle me even if I came with instructions.
  51. I don’t care about popularity. I live in reality.
  52. Keep talking, you are making me famous.
  53. I am not short; I am just more down to earth than other people.
  54. Coins always make sound but the currency notes are always silent! That is why I am always calm & silent.
  55. WARNING: You may fall in love with my face.
  56. I am going to make the rest of my life, the best of my life.
  57. Every man is the architect of his own fortune.
  58. I have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try & impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good & if they don’t, it is their loss.
  59. What I stand for is what I stand on.
  60. Champions train, losers complain.
  61. Black as night, sweet as sin.
  62. We come from God, I from the Devil.
  63. I have a good personality but you can see its different aspects if mess with me.
  64. A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.
  65. Be like a sun, keep on shining and let the world burn.
  66. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.
  67. A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.
  68. The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain.
  69. All wars are boyish, and are fought by boys.
  70. Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.
  71. Beware the clever man who makes the wrong look right.
  72. I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.
  73. Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.
  74. I don’t focus on what I am up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.
  75. Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined.
  76. I am a bit of a bad boy. I have tattoos and I mess around. That is part of my image, so it is cool.
  77. No man is clever enough to know all the evil he does.
  78. I am clever enough to know that I am clever.
  79. Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.
  80. A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.
  81. Why cry for someone when you can laugh next to someone else?
  82. I am multi-talented, I can talk and piss you off at the same time.
  83. Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
  84. Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.
  85. I didn’t grow up feeling very handsome. I learn, I worked and now I am.
  86. My door is always open to you, so feel free to leave.
  87. I don’t come with dice. So don’t play me.
  88. I may look calm. But in my head, I have killed you about 5 times.
  89. Don’t ask me for my opinion if you can’t handle the truth. I am not going to lie to make you feel better.
  90. I do not mind the crazy people; it is the normal one who freaks me out!
  91. People say, you can’t live without love, I think oxygen is more important.
  92. I decide how I live and who I love. The choice is mine and no one gets to make my mind up. I decide and I choose.
  93. My back is not a voicemail, so better say it on my face.
  94. I fell in love at first sight. I should have looked twice.
  95. Don’t walk as if you rule the world, walk as if you don’t care who the hell rules the world.
  96. I am sorry, did I give you the impression that I give a damn about you?
  97. Burning bridges? Nah, that takes too long. I prefer to use explosives.
  98. If you are going to be two-faced, honey at least make one of them pretty!
  99. If I ignore you and your calls, it only means that I am too tired to deal with your foolishness.
  100. The real reason women live longer than men because they don’t have to live with women.
  101. A thinking man can never be brave.
  102. I hate when I am about to hug someone really smart and my face hits the mirror.
  103. I was told I should have a positive attitude. Well, I am positive that I have an attitude.
  104. Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.
  105. I allow myself to be badass confident in all that I do.
  106. To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have.
  107. Too many people miss the silver lining because they are looking for gold.
  108. Only make decisions that support your self- image, self- esteem, and self- worth.

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